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Arno Vale celebrates VE Day 2020

From homemade cakes and bunting to reenactments, take a look at how the families of Arno Vale celebrated VE Day 2020:

James F in Y6 put together a diary entry with the help of his grandad:

Esther in Y6 has written a VE Day monologue:

George W in Y6 has written a diary entry:

Ben F in Y6 created this PowerPoint all about VE Day:

How did you celebrate this special day in history? 


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Oisin Murphy visits Arno Vale

We recently had the honour of a visit from one of the leading athletes in the world.  Oisin Murphy, who is the reigning Jockey of the Year, spent some time at Arno Vale to talk about his career so far and life as an elite sports star. 


Having ridden winners across the world, Oisin gave a truly inspirational talk to our children and answered their brilliant questions.  He talked about the importance of hard work and determination as well as discussing the strategies he uses to overcome difficult situations.  All of this was linked to our school values.


Oisin also talked passionately about his love of horses, meetings with the Queen and horse welfare.  Children got to touch one of Oisin’s air-cushioned whips in order to appreciate that horses cannot be hurt from their use. 


We are extremely lucky to have had a visit from Oisin and as far as I am aware, we are the only school in England that he has visited for this purpose.  Each child was given an autograph.