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The Wizard and me by Simon Farnaby

World Book Day 2022

This week year 4 have done lots of amazing work on this hilarious book for World Book Day called 'The Wizard and Me' by Simon Farnaby.

This is a story about a guinea pig called Bubbles who was given the power of speech by the most annoying wizard ever - Merdyn the Wild. Merdyn cast a spell on Bubbles by throwing some plants over him, saying some ‘mumbo-jumbo words’, and pressing a pinecone to his head!
Bubbles' diary includes fascinating thoughts about the things he likes including:
1. Food.
2. His owner Rose, because she gives him food.
3. Doing poos, to make more room for food.

The children this week have:
- Laughed (a lot).
- Designed their own alterative animal characters to be the narrator for the story instead of Bubbles.
- Designed their own alternative ways their characters could get granted the power of speech by the wizard.
- Created their own speech conversations between their animal character and the wizard thinking about what their characters first words would be.
- Thought about their own wishes that they would like to come true in their story just as Simon Farnaby did as he based his series of books on his daughter's wish for her guinea pig Bubbles to talk!

We were able to access an extract of this book from the World Book Day website, but the complete book is available to buy with the World Book Day token!

The Wizard and Me is Simon Farnaby's 3rd book in the adventures of Bubbles series as there is also:

1. The Wizard In My Shed
2. The Warrior In My Wardrobe
3. The Wizard and Me

We know how much the children have enjoyed this book this week, therefore we wanted to share this with you too!