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Arno Vale Junior School

Design and Technology

Design technology lessons allow us to solve real problems in a creative way. We can plan and evaluate our ideas and improve our practical skills.  


At Arno Vale, we believe that Design and Technology education is fundamental in allowing each child to become confident in their use of different materials to create a finished product. They will assess design briefs and the needs of individual users and experiment with ideas as well as explore creativity within set parameters. Our curriculum, chosen from Kapow, covers a wide range of topics and is often linked to other curriculum areas, like Science. We aim to develop the creative, technical, and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate in an increasingly technological world. Across the key stage, children will have opportunities to learn about electronic systems, mechanical systems, structures, food and nutrition, textiles and digital worlds The children will have opportunities for studying real products or items, experience how they work by allowing an amount of disassembly and then create their own designs which will then lead to them making new items. They will also be allowed to assess their models against the design brief and evaluate their finished pieces. This allows them to learn lessons about what went well, were the materials chosen effective and whether they can see the need for further adaptations. We hope that they will have a strong understanding of the diverse artistic and technological world around them and enjoy the opportunity to create individual pieces.



We have adopted the Kapow split scheme of work. This scheme aims to develop Design Technology skills and use of a variety of materials through a progressive, varied and exciting curriculum. Three half-termly units develop knowledge, skills and understanding. See our long-term overview for the variety of choices that are on offer to the pupils at Arno Vale. Each class will follow a half termly unit of DT, usually split over alternate weeks and taking a whole afternoon. At the end of each unit the children are offered the opportunity to reflect on their finished pieces and take part in a class gallery, offering supportive advice and compliments to their classmates. If opportunities allow, we also make links to other subjects and projects throughout the year.



By the time children leave Arno Vale, they will: 

  • demonstrate how their skills of design, make and evaluate have developed across a range of projects and have increased their technical knowledge.
  • have the imagination and ability to try new things, challenge themselves and persevere.  
  • make choices about the individual direction that their DT projects will take. 
  • be able to work as part of a small group to create a finished product.
  • have an understanding of the work of a variety of different designers and architects.
  • understand how their DT projects can reflect their feelings and how they interpret the world around them.

Assessment within discrete DT lessons will ensure that pupils are building on their skills and knowledge over time. Learning outcomes allow teachers to be mindful of the assessment elements within lessons and can help them plan subsequent lessons and explore additional techniques. Activities are included within lessons to give the children the opportunity to self-assess and reflect on their learning. At the end of each unit, there will be an opportunity to create a class/Year group gallery.