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We think Times Tables Rock Stars is a superb resource and it has had a huge impact on the children's ability to recall multiplication and division facts quickly and accurately. However, we also acknowledge that it is not the preferred way of learning for some children. Here are some alternatives for you to try at home if your child is not enjoying or benefitting from playing on TTRS.


Lots of these resources contain pages that may need printing. It is not possible for us to print every page for every child (and it wouldn't be particularly good for the environment). However, we are more than happy to accommodate individual printing requests where possible. If you need any of these resources printing, please contact your child's class teacher.

TTRS Parent Guide

You may not be aware that there are certain settings that can be altered to make TTRS more accessible for those that are finding it tricky. This guide also explains the different game modes and the benefits of each.

TTRS Representations

This Powerpoint is excellent! Pages can be printed off and stuck in prominent places around the house to constantly reinforce multiplication and division facts. Try sticking up some facts in the bathroom so your child can look at them every time they brush their teeth.


Scatter Tables

This presents the answers to each set of multiplication facts in a random order. Try getting your child to locate/tick them off/recall them in the correct order. This could be done with or without a time limit and they could attempt to 'beat their record'. 

Here are some paper versions for the 10, 2 and 5 times tables. These have been designed to expose children to facts in a particular order. They include a 'Rock Box' to reinforce the key facts and are built on the principle that a little and often approach can be really beneficial. Resources for the other tables will be added soon.

Games/resource ideas

This pack contains a variety of fun games, activities and resources for teaching/practising multiplication facts.