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Ways to Learn Spellings


1. Pyramid writing.

Write the word out in the shape of a pyramid. Start at the top with the first letter and add a new letter on each line. 

e.g.       d







2. Trace, Copy, Replicate

Fold a piece of paper in half. In the first column write the spellings you are trying to learn. You may need to ask an adult to help or check. Trace the word while you say it out loud. In the second column, copy the word while you say it out loud again. Then turn the paper over and write the word on the back. You could make this more tricky by practising two or even three words at once!


3. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

1. Look at the word carefully. If there is one part that is more difficult, look at that bit in more detail.

2. Say the word as you look at it. You could use different ways of pronouncing it if that will make it more memorable.

3. Cover the word.

4. Write the word from memory. Say the word as you write.

5. Check you have got it right. If not, repeat the process.


4. Draw around the word. 
If possible, do this on squared paper.

1. Write out your word. 

2. Draw round each letter. (You will have a rectangle or a square depending on the letter.)

3. Shade in each rectangle/square.

You should be left with the shape of the word.