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Arno Vale Junior School

Spanish (Modern Foreign Languages)

At Arno Vale we learn a modern foreign language because it helps us to connect to other people and learn about other places and their cultures.



At Arno Vale we believe that children should be given the opportunity to learn about other cultures, languages and customs. We do this through the teaching of Spanish to all children. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world with 512 million speaker. Lessons are based upon the Rachel Hawkes scheme of work.



Children receive one hour of Spanish lessons per week and develop the children’s knowledge and skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural understanding. Alongside the scheme of work other resources such as You Tube videos are used to allow the children to hear other native speakers and to learn songs, rhymes and stories. Lessons are themed through topics such as colour, food, festivities, animals etc and build upon the knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar and structure of the Spanish language.



Progress is measured regularly through the use of formative assessment. This is done at the start of lessons re-capping previous learning and through the use of quizzes, games and written activities. By the end of the key stage, the children should be able to:

  • Listen to and understand most of the main points and details from a short, spoken passage.

  • Use spoken language confidently , know how to pronounce a range of letter strings and pronounce more accurately.

  • Read, understand, translate and infer meaning form longer texts.

  • Write longer texts on a familiar subject, spelling most common words accurately and conjugate regular verbs.

  • Use grammar with increasing accuracy.

  • Talk about, discuss and present information on a country’s culture.