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Welcome to our final half term!


Welcome back! We're not sure how it's happened so fast but it is our last half term together! We've got lots of exciting things planned: from learning about the Northern Lights to the history of the Romans. We're sure this half term will fly by as quickly as the others!


Please keep checking the website and bulletins for what is going on, as this term is always a busy one!


As always, please come and see us or send us a message if there is anything we can help with, especially as the children are getting ready for Year 4.


Mrs Ainley, Mrs Baker and Miss Carter 

3AB swimming success!


We are really proud of all of the children in 3AB for passing their 25 metres swimming badge. Some chose to swim on their fronts, some on their backs, and some did more than 25 metres. But what a fantastic achievement it was for them all to achieve the end of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum objective - 'to be able to swim at least 25 metres.' The children will receive their badges and certificates after half term. The last session is on Wednesday 5th June; they have definitely earned their fun float swim!

All the instructors commented on their determination and respect over the past 11 weeks, which makes us really proud.

Well done!

Morning from the chicks!

Morning from the chicks! 1


We now have 6 very fluffy chicks who have settled into life at Arno Vale really well. The final egg is still showing no signs of hatching so it is now very unlikely that it will hatch. The chicks have now ventured out from under the brooder and have been eating chick crumb from the feeder and drinking water from their special water dispenser. They have also done their first poos. Unfortunately, one was on the carpet. Thanks to Mrs Tinkler for cleaning it up!

Our new born chicks

Our new born chicks 1
Our new born chicks 2
Our new born chicks 3
Our new born chicks 4
Our new born chicks 5
Our new born chicks 6


After 12 hours to dry out and fluff up, four of the chicks were moved over to the brooder box this morning, with 1 left in the incubator to continue fluffing. At about 8:30am, the fifth chick hatched to join their friend. Unfortunately, the final egg has not shown any signs of hatching yet. It may still hatch overnight or tomorrow but if it has not hatched by Friday, it hasn't made it.


Wow! It has been a very exciting night at Miss Carter's house as she had the job of collecting the eggs from White Post Farm. After a very hot drive home (32 degrees on the car heating) all of the eggs made it safely into the incubator. The mini hot water bottle and egg boxes did a great job of protecting them! With the hatch date as Tuesday 30th, Miss Carter was not expecting to see two little chicks on Monday morning! Maybe they were egg-cited to see their new carers? This made the journey to school a little more challenging but all made the trip safely. 


The children were lucky enough to watch two of the eggs hatch thanks to the live feed from Chick TV.


Photos to follow!


Hello and welcome back after the Easter holidays. We hope that you are all well and had a great time. During this half term, we are going to be very busy. We are kicking off with our PHSE topic about looking after and caring for others. To learn about this, Year 3 have the responsibility of hatching and caring for some chicks from White Post Farm. They will be returning to the farm on Saturday 11th May. We will let you know when parents and siblings can visit them. We will also be covering this theme through our English topic, 'Secret Life of Pets'. Following this, we will be learning about forces and magnets in theme. In maths, we will be learning about perimeter and then fractions.


A new homework sheet has been handed out and a copy has been posted on the website in the homework section. Please continue to learn the weekly spellings and complete the reading record on the back. Both classes will have their homework checked on a Friday.

9.1.19- Writing directions from school to the NIC

9.1.19- Writing directions from school to the NIC 1
9.1.19- Writing directions from school to the NIC 2
9.1.19- Writing directions from school to the NIC 3

7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map

7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map 1
7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map 2
7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map 3
7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map 4
7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map 5
7.01.19 Outdoor Learning- creating an ant theme park map 6

7.1.19 Hello, Happy New Year and welcome back!


We hope that you all had a good Christmas break and new year. It has been lovely to see the children again this week and hear about all of their exciting news from the holiday. We have a very busy half term and will be learning about prayer in Christianity and Islam; human and animal skeletons and muscles and will begin to learn about food ... YUM! We will be welcoming back Miss Burrows and Miss Oakes (student teachers from Nottingham Trent University) on Monday 14th January, who will be teaching both 3AB and 3C over the next six weeks. 


3AB will be starting PE on Mondays, while 3C continue to swim on Wednesdays until February half term. Both classes will have games and Spanish on alternate Thursdays and Tuesdays with Mr Ward.


Please continue to read with your child and practice times tables with them. Homework will be handed out on Friday 18th January as Miss Burrows and Miss Oakes will be monitoring it this half term.


Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team

Year 3 wrote a Christmas card to the Nottingham Panthers thanking them for ll of their help with ice skating. Panthers emailed back to say how lovely it was to receive a card from the children and wishing them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! They also sent us the picture below.

Happy Christmas from Nottingham Panthers

Happy Christmas from Nottingham Panthers 1

Thank you to all of the parent and grandparent helpers who gave up their time to sew with us. We really appreciated your help! The children also decorated them in time for Christmas!


Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre

Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre 1
Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre 2
Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre 3
Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre 4
Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre 5
Year 3 had a great time skating at the National Ice Centre 6

Friday 23rd November 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our theme at the end of this term is ‘Santa is coming to Nottingham’. As part of their Design and Technology, the children will be designing and making Christmas stockings using felt. They will have the option to use running stitch or blanket stitch to sew their stocking together. We will be sewing the stockings during the afternoon of Wednesday 12th December (1:15pm – 3:20pm, please come to reception). If any parents/carers, grandparents or other relatives are able to sew and are willing to help we would really appreciate it; please complete and return the form below to Miss Carter as soon as possible. This will enable us to allocate helpers evenly to each year 3 class.

Many thanks,

Miss Carter, Mrs Ainley and Mrs Baker

Year 3 Homework

Year 3 were given their autumn 2 homework sheet today (9/11/18). If you would like another copy, please speak to your child's class teacher or print a copy from the homework section on the Year 3 page.


Many thanks, Year 3 teachers 

Welcome back after the October half term!

Hello everyone, we hope that you had a good half term holiday and are ready for our busiest half term in the run up to Christmas. Year 3 have lots of exciting things to look forward to. We are writing stories and play scripts in English and learning about rocks, soils, volcanos and Nottingham in our theme work. We will be designing and sewing our own stockings (any parent or grandparent help with sewing would be great!!) and learning a Christmas song in music. We also have two school trips to look forward to; Skating with the Nottingham Panthers (5/12/18) and the Pantomime at Mansfield Palace Theatre (17/12/18). Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to help on the trips, we will be sending replies out this week.


Best wishes, Miss Carter, Mrs Ainley and Mrs Baker smileysmileysmiley

3C swimming information

3C will be swimming at Southglade Leisure Centre on Wednesdays beginning Wednesday 7th November. They will be swimming every week with the exception of Weds 5th December (due to a trip). Their last swimming session will be Wednesday 13th February.


If there are any questions about swimming, please feel free to contact me. 

Many thanks,

Miss Carter smiley

21st October: Strange happening outside 3C

Still image for this video
Following the disappearance of Mr Rossington's swiss roll, Year 3 have been using their detective skills to find out what happened. Have a look at the CCTV footage from outside 3C on the evening in question. There were some very suspicious activities!

16th October 2018: We have a winner!

Today, Year 3 were very lucky to have a 'show and tell' with Mr Rossington, the first winner of pilot 'Masterchef: The cakes' with his winning swiss roll. Celebrity judge, Greg Wallace was on hand to present him with the winner's spoon. Commiserations to the other competitors.

Masterchef: The cakes

Masterchef: The cakes 1
Masterchef: The cakes 2
Masterchef: The cakes 3

Yabba Dabba Doo: Outdoor Learning

This afternoon, we were transported back through time to the Mesolithic Stone Age (the middle part of the Stone Age). We had to behave just like the nomadic hunter and gatherers to build our very own tents. We gathered out materials (wood and stone) and set about building. Mrs Baker and Miss Carter were extremely impressed by all of our finished creations and were very impressed by our creativity.

Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents

Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 1
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 2
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 3
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 4
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 5
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 6
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 7
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 8
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 9
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 10
Outdoor learning: Mesolithic tents 11

Poetry Week!

We have had a great start to Poetry Week with a visit from local poet, Gez Walsh. He dis a whole school assembly and was very funny. Our favourite poem was 'The Spot on my Bum!' He also embarrassed a few of the teachers with some interesting dancing and tongue twisters. In the afternoon, we worked with him to write a short rhyming verse and played lots of description games.

Year 3 working hard with Gez Walsh

Curriculum Meeting: 21st September 2018

The Year 3 teachers will be holding a brief curriculum meeting in Miss Carter's classroom at 4pm on Friday 21st September. At the meeting, we will provide parents and carers with an overview of the Year 3 curriculum and provide you with other important information, such as homework expectations etc.


It would be lovely to see as many parents/ carers as possible, however, if you are unable to attend, we can provide you with a paper copy of the information. 


We look forward to meeting you soon,


Mrs Ainley, Mrs Baker and Miss Carter

Welcome to Year 3!

We are so pleased with how the children have settled into school life at Arno Vale. We have started our Stone Age theme and the children seem to be really enjoying learning about Paleolithic and Mesolithic life. In maths, we have focussed on place value work and in English we have begun to write a short film narrative based on The Flintstones. We are sure that they will rock!