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What We Have Been Doing

5F Sports Afternoon

Zumbathon! And yes, the teachers did take part!

5F's first science investigation! Finding out which paper is the strongest...

A few highlights of our Ancient Greek day!

Our WE Charity Wellbeing afternoon

The children have been continuing their work on fractions.  Last week we learnt the fraction and decimal equivalents such as 1/2 being the same as 0.5.  This week we move onto learning how to find fractions of amounts.

We will start our Ancient Greece topic this week, starting with finding out where Greece is and what the children already know about the Greeks!

The children are really enjoying our work in English on narrative poems.  This week; The Lady of Shalott, next week; The Highwayman!

The children have been working hard on our space topic!  They have really enjoyed learning about the Earth, sun and moon along with finding out about why we have seasons, investigating the phases of the moon and all about the planets. 


We have also been learning about staying safe on line and learning some guidelines to protect us on line.  Please have a look on the NSPCC share aware site, where you will find some of the resources we have been using.

5F Felt Making - see the big smiles, we had good fun making felt!

Thursday 1st December:

Today Year 5 had a visitor in to help us gain more knowledge on Judaism. He was very impressed with the questions to children asked him, even so that he felt the need to email the teachers! This makes us very proud of the children, especially with their level of respect that was shown. 

Week commencing 28th November:

The children are very busy planning their own film narrative based on our work on 'The Piano.' They are working in groups to come up with their own story idea and will be busy taking photographs before using the laptops to create their masterpieces! They may be asking to bring in props from home over the next week or so - it will all be returned!

We're looking forward to seeing what their groups come up with!

Week commencing 7th November:

This week we are beginning a new unit of learning in English. We are looking at a film narrative called 'The Piano.' The responses from the children impress us year on year. Make sure to ask them questions about what it is about! We don't want to give too much away for now ...!

Friday 4th November:

The children enjoyed their 4 day week this week! They really impressed us with their effort with their half term homework on Judaism. We even tried some authentic Jewish bread in 5B! Thank you Lilia!


Even though we went before half term, the children wrote some fantastic recounts about our trip to the Holocaust Centre. This has linked well to learning in more detail this week about Anne Frank and her secret annex. The sensible discussions have really benefited the children's understanding this week.

Friday 7th October:

The children represented school brilliantly today at the Holocaust Centre. They were fantastic answering questions but also in asking questions too. They enjoying learning about a Jewish boy called Leo Stein and his family, who lived in Berlin in the 1930s. The children enjoyed seeing and hearing all about his life before WW2 began; from seeing what his living room looked like to his classroom. Their responses to events which they deemed to be 'unfair' and 'unkind' was a real credit to their attitude and respectfulness. 

We look forward to following up lots of this new knowledge in the classroom over the next few weeks. Enjoy hearing all about it!

Friday 30th September:

This week the children have really enjoyed learning about the history of Arno Vale. Did you know that it opened in 1934 and was extended in 1938 and again in 1952?! We learnt lots about our school because the headteacher at the time (Mr Brace) kept a log book which he wrote in. The children enjoyed reading the page we have got from it. They couldn't believe that the school day used to finish at 4.30pm! You could see that the air raid sirens went off much more frequently and sometimes the children were in there for hours. They wrote some brilliant descriptions for their independent writing task, imagining they were at school at 1940 and the siren went off.


The children enjoyed looking at each others sports heritage homework. We were impressed with how much research and facts they managed to find! 

Thursday 22nd September:

Thank you for your attendance to our parents drop in session this week. We have provided every child with the same information which is an overview of year 5. Please find a copy of this and a letter about our forthcoming trip to the Holocaust Centre of Friday 7th October below.


Please check the website for updates about what we have been doing in school and for any electronic copies of things sent home.

Friday 9th September:

We were so impressed with the children's (and your!) efforts from their summer holiday homework! They were so proud sharing these with these classmates. We went around the room and wrote positive comments on post-it-notes to show how appreciative we were of all the hard work that went in to the projects. We know the children enjoyed reading them and many of them have kept their post-it-notes which is lovely!