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The children have made a good start to the last term of Year 4!  Hasn't it gone quickly?!  In maths, we are working with Time - learning to convert from analogue to digital and also how the 24 hour clock works.  You can support us by making sure your child knows how the tell the time (both analogue and digital) and it might be an idea to include them if you are planning any journeys that involve a timetable - a good life skill!  In English we are enjoying a twist to traditional fairy tales by looking at the stories from the point of view of the (misunderstood?!) villains.

We have a whistle stop tour of the Mayan Civilisation before we move onto some exciting science work.  

We are looking forward to our trip to Twycross Zoo on Thursday 20th June and are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!

Biscuit building - 4FM marble treat!

Investigating Money!

Investigating Money! 1
Investigating Money! 2

The children have had a great start to the term!  

We have started our new theme: South America and they have spent the week examining the Atlas and learning all sorts of Geographical information.  

We have also started some music work using the Glockenspiels, very tuneful!

We continue to develop our English skills with work on spellings with the letter pattern 'sc', paragraphs and how to write news reports.

The children are continuing to learn all about decimals and place value - and doing really well with it!

Well done Year 4!

What a fantastic day! Sandwich making, Diwali lamps and Diwali sweets!