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What We've Been Doing: Home Learning 2020

Menu of Learning Activities (week commencing 6th July) for 3 weeks:

Being at home for so long is tough and it feels very different. We all understand that. Sometimes you're asked to do something, and you might be stuck for ideas or not feel inspired to have a go. Take a look at what your friends have been doing, as we're all in this together! Remember - stay kind to everyone as it really does help! 

(Illustration taken from Google Images by the wonderful artist Charlie Mackesy)

What has lockdown been like for Isobel? Take a look!

Tree art work and outdoor learning pieces linked to 'The Tree' by Neal Layton

We set you the task of telling us about one of your favourite places to visit, or somewhere where you'd like to visit. Take a look around to see where people want to take you! Enjoy!

Molly's favourite place is Disney Land! Read her presentation to find out all about it:

Lois has found out about Paris! Take a look:

At our school we are safe, we are ready and we are kind:

The Water Cycle:

The 'Zoo' story has inspired lots of research and brilliant work around different animals. Take a look!

Isobel has written a story called 'The Penguin Escape!' You'll spot her book cover in the photos above!

Eleanor wrote as if she was an orangutan in a zoo:

Max found out all about orangutans and created this brilliant PowerPoint:

Our self-portraits! Who can you recognise?!

Take a look at our amazing inventions!

Read all about Harry's football boot invention and what they can do:

Jenny has been working incredibly hard writing a story called 'The Supply Spy!' Take a look!

Here is the last round of pictures from Mrs Blakemore...

Molly's Spanish Menu:

It's that time of the week again when Mrs Blakemore uploads pictures of the fabulous things you have all been doing. There were lots of mouthwatering pictures of food for VE Day and the Water Park design activity has been very popular too. 

Mrs Blakemore has uploaded photos a day early this week because of VE Day. Don't forget to send pictures of all the fantastic things you do for VE Day and during the week ahead from the new menu. Mrs Blakemore has also included a picture of her purrsonal assistant who has been helping her by sitting on her laptop or blocking her view of the laptop screen. Can you spot her assistant? Can you remember her name?

Here is a PowerPoint presentation from Isobel. 

Can you spot the pictures Mrs Blakemore took on one of her daily walks? Can you guess where she was?

Since our last post....

Look how busy 4M have been!

Look what we've been up to!

Some of us have been enjoying garden adventures!

Making posters has kept us occupied.

It's important to remember the simple things....... A poem by James

It's important to thank the NHS for their help and support in difficult times.

Beautiful Ramadan preparations.

Learning and fun in the sun !

There's nothing like a good book.

Mrs Morley has had to get used to a new pet staying at her house. Meet Mona the crested gecko. At the moment she's about the same size as a newt. She's actually quite cute. She can move very slowly........or very faaaassssst ! She likes to climb on your hand and suddenly let go or just jump off into space. 

Meet Mona. She's exploring !

School at home....even wearing our uniform !

The children in 4M have so many hidden talents ! They continue to be so creative and original. You are making all your teachers really proud and giving them lots of smile about when they see your super photos !

Bread better than Bake Off and it tasted lovely too !

Learning outdoors and exploring new careers. Maybe archeology or rock collecting will be fun. Perhaps we will be artists or illustrators !

Lego challenges really make us think up some brilliant designs.

Creative science ! We used our knowledge to make a brilliant game. Let's go fishing !

Using technology to produce some fantastic artwork.

There is no end to our talents !

We have kept ourselves busy doing so many interesting projects. We've found out about the solar system and made plasticine planets, drawn self portraits from funny photos, planned, advertised and made food for a coffee shop, been outside in the fresh air, researched our family tree and so much more....!

We haven't wasted a moment !

What will I be when I grow up........

Keeping fit and having fun !

Mrs Morley has been amazed at all the different things that you have been spending your time on. From creating spanish tapas to delicious scones, from book reviews to lovely long walks, it's clear that you have been learning and practising some wonderful skills. Lots of them taste good too !

Don't forget to send pictures of those VE Day house parties as well.

We've kept ourselves really busy.......and eaten a few cakes too !

Looking for a good book? Read on...

Getting ready to celebrate family birthdays and some super crafts.

Trying out new skills in the sunshine

This restaurant sounds delicious !

Using an image for a story idea...

The picture above inspired this short story idea. Can you create one too ?

Enjoying the great outdoors with some baking fun too!

From planning our own coffee shop by designing cups to finding out about space and making beautiful book plates for inside front covers.

Our amazing solar system.

Some wonderful waterpark and South America research.

This water park certainly makes a splash!

Still image for this video

Delicious dishes and super science.

Enjoying our daily exercise.

Practising our skills

Still image for this video

Some half term fun.

We have tried so many different things.

Look at our self portraits. Some of us have been trying to draw things in the style of artists like Rob Biddulph.

We talk a lot at school about determination, independence and resilience. Most of us don't find things easy but we know that if we keep trying our best we can make big improvements. Perhaps you've halved the time to complete your times tables. Maybe you've remembered where to put speech marks or start a new paragraph. Perhaps there was that difficult gymnastics move you were trying to conquer or those spellings you wanted to stay in your head...

What have you done to make yourself feel proud ?

The smile says it all !

Great inventions inspired by Wallace and Gromit. We've done fantastic research too.

Outdoor learning.

People who inspire us.

Read this super story

Our favourite animals based on zoo research. Which one will you choose ?

Read Dylan's wonderful orangutan story.

You'll never believe what this panda gets up to when we're fast asleep!

Food glorious food.

A fantastic effort for a Taekwondo grading. Orange belt achieved !

We get inspiration from many wonderful people.

These jokes certainly made us laugh !

Still image for this video

A cracking contraption for chocolate lovers. I bet this makes you hungry!

Still image for this video
Watch how this idea develops from a design concept, right through to a finished product. This definitely is a cracking contraption.

The artist Alma Woodsey Thomas was the inspiration for this painting.

There's nothing like getting lost in a good book ! What have you been reading ?

We don't think that this has many calories!

Measuring 100 days of lockdown really makes us think about our freedoms. What have we gained and what have we lost ?

Outdoor learning linked to Neal Layton's book-The Tree

The wonderful water cycle

Let's save water superhero style !

Revolting recipes inspired by stories. Well done Eddie !

Let's head with Hannah to Hawaii day !

A fantastic theatre project with wonderful set designs