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Sports Day

Virtual Sports Day 2020


Congratulations to everyone who got involved in our Virtual Sports Day.  Over 18 schools across Gedling and Ashfield participated in this virtual competition. There were some great scores and fantastic family efforts.  We were delighted to finish as the top participating school in Gedling and in second place overall. Thank you so much for supporting us! 

Isabelle (Y4) and her family enjoyed the Virtual Sports Day. Isabelle was the overall winner in her household after being victorious in two events.

If you didn't get chance to get involved in our Sports Day before but would like to have a go at home with your family there are further details below. 


Virtual Sports Day

There are 5 events to participate in:

1. Speed bounce

2. Shuttle sprint

3. Target throw

4. Standing long jump

5. Obstacle run


The video below explains the 5 events in more detail. Download our score card and points sheet so you can compete against each other, whatever your age. Our points sheet is split into three groups KS1, KS2 and adults’ scores, so it is fair for all. Simply time, measure or count your scores for each of the 5 events and using the points sheet, work out your overall scores. The family member with the highest scores takes home the Gold Medal!


Enjoy and good luck! 

Sports Day 2019