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Arno Vale Junior School

What you've been up to

Have a read of Alex's super piece of writing.

Ben Fountain has been working hard to learn the names of all of the countries in the world - very impressive!

Look at what Ewan's been up to - he's certainly been keeping himself busy!

Alex Smith wrote a powerful argument against animal testing -- do you agree?

Your excellent written work! We are so impressed year 6! Keep up the great work!

What you've been doing this week!

Here is Charlotte's PowerPoint about animal testing, do you agree? Well done Charlotte!

The Hatch boys have been busy! Look at everything they've been up to.

Have a look at Jack Critchley's PGL advert - I'd definitely book a trip there!

Here's a brilliant poem to our future generations by George W. Well done George, keep up the great work.

Rowan has been busy! Have a look at what's he's been up to. Keep it up Rowan!

Josh has written a very powerful argument about animal testing - have a read and decide if you agree with his opinion.

VE Day Celebrations

Have a look at the African mask Jack Seymour designed and made. He looks even scarier than usual!

Willow has created a fantastic powerpoint about the oceans. Have a read and then try the quiz at the end. Well done Willow!

Esther's Guided Reading Work! Great job Esther!

We have loved seeing your work around VE day! Well done year 6!

Look at the beautiful pillow Daisy Wilkes designed and made. It looks very comfy - perfect for an afternoon snooze!

James Foster has written a super description of a sandstorm - well worth a read!

Have a read of Emily Todd's fantastic poem

What we've been doing this week

A wonderful poem to future generations by Natalia! Well done Natalia!

Jake Storey has been doing some brilliant writing - super work Jake!

Dhrit's been working hard on her dictionary task from Kensuke's Kingdom. Well done Dhriti!

Scarlett has been keeping herself busy!

Look at what Lily T has been making!

Your fantastic PGL site plans! I wish we could all go to these sites for our residential!

Toby's excellent oceans powerpoint! Enjoy- I recommend watching the super video links that he has added.

What we've been doing

Look at Alex Smith's super powerpoint about saving the oceans. Great work Alex!

Look at this beautiful collage by Daisy Wilkes!

Super work from Sam Schofield!

Some fantastic work from Jack Seymour based on our Oceans theme. Keep it up Jack!

A great lego design from Noah related to our Oceans theme. Well done Noah!

Excellent PowerPoints on our Oceans topic- well done boys!

We are loving seeing what you are doing at home so please continue to send in lots of pictures! We miss you!