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World map

Map clues:

  1. I am in India. I travel 1 country west, where am I?
  2. I am in Spain. I travel 1 country south, where am I?
  3. I am in Mexico. I travel 1 country north, where am I?
  4. I am in Namibia. I travel 1 country north, then west. Which ocean did I cross and what would be the first country I would arrive in?
  5. I was in a country and travelled 1 country north, east, south or west. I ended up in Russia. Where could I have started? 

Clues from Charlie:

1. I am in Poland, I go SE and  south 1  country 

2. I am in Tajikistan, I go south then west 

3. I go NE then SE south and east I end up in Korea where did I start?