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Traction Man sentence building game

I spy.

Choose all or some of the pictures below to write 'I spy' clues for your teachers or friends to try. Email them to your teacher and we will add them under each picture. Try to include adjectives in your description.

I spy in the bedroom

I spy in the bedroom 1

Try Miss Carter's clues:

  • a rainbow coloured, stretchy slinky
  • six lego bricks all scattered on the floor
  • one stripy sock with a hole in the bottom


Try Charlie's clues:

  • A brown teddy bear
  • A red shoe
  • An orange and blue sock


Try Aiden's clues:

  • One Rainbow coloured star
  • One black and White Sheep
  • I Giant Red Magnet


Try Stanley's clues:

  • I spy a brown teddy bear with pink paws and legs under the bed.
  • I spy a tiny wooden church falling out of a box among lots of other wooden houses.

I spy in the kitchen

I spy in the kitchen 1

Try Charlie's clues:

  • Half a cracked egg  
  • A silver  colinder 
  • A brown sausage 


Try Aiden's clues:

  • 3 Black nails
  • A snowman
  • 4 blue and white mugs


Try Stanley's clues:

  • I spy some strawberry jam which is on the table next to traction man.
  • I spy a practical woodworking book on the table near a young girl.

I spy in the garden

I spy in the garden 1

Try Charlie's clues:

  • 8 bricks
  • A green glove
  • A busted football


Try Stanley's clues:

  • I spy a fat black cat on a wooden fence. 
  • I spy a young boy with a blue knitted hat on on his head.


Try Aiden's clues:

  • One black car tyre
  • One small red and blue bucket
  • One small brown bird eating a tasty fat ball

I spy at Granny's

I spy at Granny's 1

Try Charlie's clues:

  • A packet of HOOPOS
  • A number 1 badge
  • A red parcel wrapped in a green ribbon


Try Stanley's clues:

  • I spy a red knitted scarf on granny's neck.
  • I spy a Christmas cake on the table with a slice taken out of it.


Try Aiden's clues:

  • Two red knitted scarves
  • one green ball of knitting wool
  • Four pink cupcakes with red cherries on the top