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I SPY ... Example

I SPY ...


I spy a horse, 4 pearl white beads and a purple flag.


I spy 18 golden, glittering stars, a yellow hat and a white dove.


Can you spot them all?


Task: Carry on the I spy game for this picture or create your own for one of the pictures below. 

We can post your I spy clues on the website for your friends to try.

I Spy Picture 1

Try Stanley's clues:

  • One shiny green pearl
  • Six white pearls on a golden ribbon
  • One golden eye


Try Charlie's clues:

  1. A card with the 4 of Spades on
  2. Horrible curly shoes
  3. A green plant

I Spy Picture 2

Try Stanley's clues:

  • A cat with a cape jumping through a hoop of fire
  • A green genie with two pearls in his hair
  • Six pure white doves

Try Anya's clues:

  • A white glove with a wand in it's hand
  • Six golden, shooting stars
  • A 3 of hearts playing card

Try Charlie's clues:

1. A green shield

2. 2 fire hoops

3. 1 blue dove

I Spy Picture 3

Try Stanley's clues:

  • One golden sun hat
  • One green and white jacket
  • One red patterned curtain

Try Charlie's clues:

1. 3 gold stars

2. 1 light bulb

3. A spiral pattern