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Arno Vale Junior School

Homework Reminder

The children will be given a Maths and English homework once a week - usually on a Monday. They will be given a week to complete each task, which will then be marked in class. We suggest the children spend no more than 30 minutes on each task.

All children in school are encouraged to discuss homework issues with their teacher. Issues may range from finding tasks challenging, asking for another copy of homework, or to explain why a homework may not be handed in on time. If it is difficult to find time at home to complete homework, a time to complete the task during school time can be arranged. It is increasingly important in year 6 for children to independently discuss homework issues with teachers, as we help prepare them for secondary school. 

As homework is usually linked to tasks completed in lessons, our hope is for the children to be able to complete the tasks independently. We encourage the children to check their homework as they do in lessons - have they worked towards the success criteria; have they checked their answers and presentation? Once the children are happy with their work, they should check their name is written clearly on their homework and be responsible for handing it in.